Abreviaturas utilizadas

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ABA American Bar Association

AGM Annual General Meeting

AIM Alternative InvestmentMarket

ALI American Law Institute

BASIC Banking and Securities Industry Committee

CA Company Act (Británica]

CalPERS California Public Employee' Retirement System

CEO Chief executive officer

CFO Chief financial officer

CG Corporate Governace

CGG Corporate Governance Guidelines

CU Council of Institutional Investors

CNMV Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores

C00 Chief Operating Officer

DGCL Delaware General Corporation Law

DOL Department of Labor

DRS DirectRegistration System

DTC Depository Trust Company

DTCC Depository Trust Clearing Company

DTI Department ofTrade and Industry

EAED Escuela del análisis económico del derecho

ECGI European Corporate Governance Institute

EE.UU Estado Unidos

EPS Earnings per share

ERISA Employee Retirement Income Security Act

ESOP Employers Stock Ownership Plans

FINRA Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

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GAAP Generally accepted accounting practices

GAO Government Accounting Office

GC Gobierno Corporativo

H.R. House of Representatives

IAA InvestmentAdviser Act

ICA InvestmentCompany Act

II.FF Intermediarios financieros

II.II. Inversores Institucionales

IPO Initial Public Offering

LLC Limited Liability Company

LSC Ley de Sociedades de Capital

LSE London Stock Exchange

MBCA Model Business Corporation Act.

NACD National Association of Corporate Director s

NRSRO National Recognized Statistical Rating Agencies

NSCC National Securities Clearing Company

NYSE New York Stock Exchange

OECD Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

PCAOB Public Company Oversight Board

RA Rating Agency

ROE Return on Equity

SA Securities Act

SEA Securitie and Exchange Act

SEC Securities and Exchange Commission

SHP Shareholder Primacy

SHWM Shareholder Wealth Maximization

SOX Sarbanes and Oxley Act

SRO Self Regúlate ry Organization

S&P Standard & Poor's

TIAA-CREF Teachers Insurance and Annuity...

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