STOP Unwanted Advertising

Author:Ms Laura Oteros
Profession:Marti & Associats

Citizens have the right not to receive marketing messages or spam. However, many of us often endure advertising harassment, especially over the phone. To avoid this, we recommend that you sign up on an unwanted advertising opt-out list.

Article 23 of Law 3/2018, of December 5, of the Personal Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights, regulates advertising opt-out systems. These consist of general or sector-wide information systems, which have been created to prevent marketing messages or spam being sent to those who have requested ad blocking.

Those people in charge of the opt-out systems must inform the Spanish Data Protection Agency of their creations.

There is currently one sole opt-out system, termed the Robinson List, managed by the Spanish Association of Digital Economy.

Registration on the Robinson List is free and very simple. You fill out a form with your personal data and indicate which ways you do not want to receive advertising such as by post, email or SMS.

The data protection regulations oblige those who wish to send advertising to third parties to consult the opt-out list and to exclude the third parties registered therein from their campaigns.

Registration on the Robinson List is a useful way of avoiding incessant telephone calls from companies to which you have given neither your consent to receive their advertising nor are you a customer of theirs.

Companies with which you have a...

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