Recommendation N°25. Protocol on biological diversity and the protection of natural and rural spaces on the planet


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Considering that every year hundreds of thousands of hectares of natural areas, forests and farmland are destroyed or degraded in the world,

Whereas the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity and the objectives identified by the European Union could not be achieved at the end of 2010 and the degradation of biodiversity is continuing at a rapid pace throughout the world,

Considering that both the United Nations that the European Union, in light of this, have been forced to review their goals by considering new deadlines,

Considering that the disappearance of land used for a many for agriculture is contradictory to the objective of adequate food for a world population that could reach 9 billion people by 2050 and the promotion of local rural development, while it contributes to the erosion of biodiversity,

Whereas the increasing artificiality of soils and their impermeability have direct consequences for the further conversion of natural and rural areas,

Considering the irreversibility of the situations resulting,

Considering also that the conversion of land long exploited for agriculture has further results on natural areas, leading to new land clearing, deforestation, drainage of wetlands, disruption of ecosystems, fragmentation of habitats, and the decline of natural areas, in the logic of competition between natural areas and the farmland between them,

Whereas the massive purchases of land for agricultural production, energy, mining and tourism in many parts of the world, at the initiative of private companies and foreign governments, further accelerate this process,

Whereas the loss of biodiversity can not be stopped under these conditions,

Whereas it is imperative that a policy of creation of new protected areas be pursued and strengthened around the world,

Considering therefore that a land policy for biodiversity should be defined and promoted internationally, from the perspective of a harmonization of policies that are intended to create new protected areas and other measures taken for biodiversity,

Anxious to promote the principle of non-regression of environmental law,

REQUESTS the parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, meeting in Rio de Janeiro on 14-16 June 2012, to adopt the following recommendation:


I - Principles guiding the elaboration of a global stratgey for biological diversity and the protection of natural and rural areas
Improvement of level of scientific understanding

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- Prioritize and generalize the scientific criterion of the natural habitat by incorporating it into:

National accounting systems and internationally, including biodiversity observatories, the extent of the ecological footprint, the valuation of ecosystem...

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