Recommandation N°10. A protection for the environmentally displaced people


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Considering the alarming condition of the global environment and the increasing rate of its deterioration,

Considering that these negative environmental phenomena produce victims who encounter injury to their health and their dignity, and even impairment of their fundamental right to life,

Considering that the gravity of environmental harm necessitates the displacement of individuals, families and populations,

Considering that the exponential growth and clear foreseeability of such movements constitute a threat to the stability of human societies, the preservation of cultures, and world peace,

Considering the many appeals from non-governmental organizations to recognize a status for environmentally-displaced persons, and insisting on the urgent necessity of responding to their plight,

Considering that several international declarations underline the existence of this category of displaced persons (Principle 18 of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, concerning ecological assistance, June 1992; Agenda 21, Chapter 12, 12.47 ; and the Directive principles relating to internallydisplaced persons),

Considering the numerous international conferences that also refer to such situations, including:

  1. the Kyoto Conference (1997) and that of The Hague (2000) which set forth the risks of large migrations linked to climate change,

  2. the World Conference on the Prevention of Natural Disasters (Hyogo, January 2005) which insisted on prevention linked in particular to ecological refugees,

    Considering that certain organs of the United Nations have spoken of this matter:

  3. The General Assembly of the United Nations in resolutions 2956 (1972) and 3455 (1975) on displaced persons, resolution 36/255 of 17 December 1981 on strengthening the capacity of the United Nations system in the face of natural disasters and other catastrophes, resolution 43/131 of 8 December 1988 on humanitarian assistance to victims of natural disasters and emergency situations of the same type, resolutions 45/100 of 14 December relative to humanitarian assistance to victims of natural disasters and emergency situations of the same type, resolution 49/22 of 13 December 1994 concerning the international decade for the prevention of natural disasters,

  4. The Security Council (5663rd session of 17 April 2007) making the link between the impact of climate change and international security, in particular in respect to persons who risk displacement by 2050;

  5. The...

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