Autor:Cristina Marqués Mosquera
Cargo:Directora de «Cuadernos de Derecho y Comercio»

Page 12

After the success of the "Prontuario del Derecho de sociedades en Europa (European Company Law Compendium)" which systematized the most relevant features of the company law in different countries of our surroundings, the magazine"Cuadernos de Derecho y Comercio" has decided to do the same with most of the countries of the American continent as well as with Morocco. The reason for including this last country is because of its particular interest due to its proximity to Spain.

The principal object of this Compendium is not that of making a thorough analysis of company law, but of offering a practical guide that enables anyone who wants to learn about the company law of any of the countries studied to solve unanswered questions and to have a basis to start from, whether motivated by professional or didactical reasons,.

That is why the principal issues developed within these pages are: corporate typology; non-corporate entities which...

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