CNC Opens Formal Investigation Proceedings Against The Audiovisual Rights Management Firm EGEDA, Suspected Of Imposing Abusive Royalties On Hotels

Author:Mr SJ Berwin's EU & Competition Team
Profession:SJ Berwin LLP

After a complaint lodged by the national hotel confederation, CEHAT, the Investigations Division of the Spanish Competition Authority (CNC) has opened infringement proceedings against the royalties collecting society EGEDA, a firm which manages the rights of audiovisual producers, for suspected anti-competitive abusive practices prohibited by article 2 of the Spanish Competition Act 15/2007 (SCA), and article 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). The conduct is alleged to consist of imposing abusive tariffs in the framework of its management of the exclusive rights of audiovisual producers in their relations with Spanish hotels.

The decision to bring the proceedings opens a maximum term of 18 months for the case to be investigated and resolved by the CNC Council.

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