The contract of support for entrepreneurs: its difficult fit in the national, european and international rules


Page 260

Abstract: the working reform passed at the beginning of 2012 established, among other measures, a new working contract for an unlimited period, the so-called support for entrepreneurs, which is characterized by having a one-year trial period at the most. It is a very controversial aspect which has been contested by the social agents in the International Organizations and in the Constitutional Court. This article is written to study it in a complete way, analyzing the doctrinal interpretations and those of the judicial organs, in order to make clear, as its title shows, the difficult fit this trial period has, paying attention basically to the applicable supranational rules.

As many other countries of the European Union, previously than Spain, have established similar working measures as a consequence of the economic crisis, we include as an innovation the interpretation the European Committee of Social Rights has recently published about this question...

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